To be a leader in advancing worldwide professional graduate education for executive and organizational coaching.


To strengthen the discipline and practice of executive and organizational coaching by:

-Building, sustaining, and supporting a collaborative community of educators, researchers, practitioners, and consumers

-Establishing and fostering academic standards for graduate level courses and programs

-Supporting academic institutions wishing to develop or re-design executive & organizational coaching programs

-Compiling, organizing, sharing and sponsoring research that builds the executive and organizational coaching community and contributes to the body of knowledge.

Core Values

Collaboration, Community,
Intellectual Curiosity, Scholarship, Integrity

Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching

President's Welcome

It is my pleasure to serve as president of GSAEC, and, on behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome you to the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC) website.

As executive and organizational coaching continue to gain in popularity, the need for high-quality graduate coaching education continues to increase. GSAEC is prepared to meet the growing expectations for the professionalization of coaching through the development and implementation of academic program standards, accreditation of graduate education programs, development of graduate education, and research projects. GSAEC is committed to leading the effort for graduate schools (with their unique capacity for academic rigor and substantive research) while partnering with various academic institution, stakeholder partner organizations, and individual members world-wide.

We invite you to join us as we continue to raise the bar on graduate executive and organizational coaching. Join GSAEC, acquire and utilize the graduate education program quality standards, help us raise the bar on coaching education and practice, volunteer (get involved).

John L. Bennett, Ph.D.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive and Organizational Coaching is a development process that builds a leader's capabilities to achieve professional and organizational goals. A leader is an individual who has the potential of making a significant contribution to the mission and purpose of the organization. This coaching is conducted through one-on-one and group interactions, driven by evidence/data from multiple perspectives, and is based on mutual trust and respect. The coach, individuals being coached, and their organizations work in partnership to help achieve the agreed upon goals of the coaching.